Clinical Psychologist

BPysch (Hons) MPsych (Clin)

Veronica has been working in psychology since 2004, with extensive experience in treating a variety of psychological disorders and concerns. Veronica has diverse experience in inpatient settings, crisis counselling, child and family services, aged care, addictions and personality disorders. She is warm, open, caring, and empathic, and loves working in a flexible, respectful and accommodating fashion with people of diverse backgrounds to improve personal wellbeing and reduce psychological suffering. Veronica loves to help people uncover and strengthen their own motivations and internal resources to make changes in their selves and in their lives. 

Veronica has worked in a number of settings, including crisis mental health (and public hospital emergency departments), sexual assault crisis and counselling, behavioural and substance addiction treatment centres, and in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy treatment teams. Veronica has extensive experience in working with people with anxiety or depression, people with trauma histories and experience in working with eating disorders. 


Depending on the needs and preferences of the individuals she is working with, Veronica prefers to use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) based interventions, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) informed treatment and Schema Therapy. She also practices mindfulness as part of her everyday life and is enthusiastic about how mindfulness practice can help people to improve their lives. Veronica finds working with people who have personality disorders very rewarding and is skilled in working with people who have difficulty understanding their own needs, emotions, relationships and reactions. She understands the importance of helping clients to find new ways to relate to the body, self and to others in a compassionate and healthy way. 

Veronica is a fully registered and endorsed Clinical Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia. 

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