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Relationships are complicated, yet they hold the potential for life’s greatest joys.


The Directors of Drummoyne Psychology, Helen and Shahn, have created a comprehensive couples program. This program consists of face-to-face couples therapy, the couples coaching app My Love Your Love, and the 8 Love Links book which is the theory behind both the app and therapy.


Feeling dissatisfied with other couples therapy approaches, and client feedback that traditional methods had them going round and round in circles, Helen and Shahn began their mission. They formulated a complete couples therapy program drawing on theory and strategies from different psychological theories. Their couples program provided the much needed structure and practical skills for couples to get the most out of their sessions to quickly improve their relationships.


Doing couples therapy at Drummoyne Psychology looks a little different. Upon booking in with one of our Clinical Psychologists, trained in this unique approach, you and your partner will download the My Love Your Love app at a special discounted one-off price for lifetime access. You will work together to navigate your particular issues with the support of a professional, then practise the skills outside of session using the app.


One session with a professional every week or so is not enough to create lasting change in your relationship. You and your partner will be guided to work together outside of session time to create the kind of relationship you have dreamed of and deserve.  


Couples therapy can be face-to-face or via videoconferencing with a skilled Clinical Psychologist.

Both partners must attend each session. You will have an initial assessment session, then dive straight into practical skills and strategies to start shifting your relationship dynamics.  

You will not be talking in circles. Our therapists will assertively manage the sessions, teaching you strategies and helping you practise these during session-time.

You will be assigned homework based on the work done in session.

Both partners attending couples therapy must download the My Love Your Love app.

Being a tool for therapy, your assigned homework can be completed using the app.

If you're not quite ready for couples therapy then the app is a good option for you. It is a self-service coaching program so you don’t need a therapist to use it.

The app is designed to enhance all relationships. You don’t have to be struggling in your relationship to get amazing benefits from the app.

The 8 Love Links (to be released in 2024) is the theory behind both the app and therapy. It is a great option for those who want to take action immediately.

The 8 Love Links can be a solo journey or you can invite your partner along.

The book offers relatable anecdotes and tangible steps for readers to explore the intricate dynamics of love, understanding how family influences and past relationships shape present behaviour and emotional responses. 

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