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Relationships play a significant role in our contentment in life and our potential to thrive and so it is vital that our close relationships are taken care of and issues are addressed as they arise.


The Couples Therapy offered at Drummoyne Psychology is a comprehensive approach to understand the unique relationship of the couple and pave a way to building a healthy, strong, authentic and lasting relationship. 


Our experienced therapists work with couples to address conflicts, understand the powerful and invisible dynamics existing between one another, identify and manage the role of individual vulnerabilities in communication difficulties and conflict, increase more effective expression of needs, and to enhance joyfulness and play in the relationship. 

Common relationship issues that we can help with include:

  • Distance and dissatisfaction in the relationship

  • Recovering after infidelity

  • Sexual issues (read more about sex therapy here)

  • Conflict and arguments

  • Other communication problems

  • Value differences

  • Personality clashes

  • Overfunctioning and under functioning 

The Directors of Drummoyne Psychology have created a Couples Therapy App - My Love Your Love - to help couples improve their relationship without the time and cost involved in traditional couples therapy. 


My Love Your Love is a comprehensive couples therapy program transformed into a fully interactive and synchronised app for you and your partner. 

If you would like more information about this innovative and exciting app, then head to the My Love Your Love website.

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