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A Clinical Psychology Provider

Are you suffering from worry, stress, anxiety, depression or another mental health concern?


Is your relationship getting you down?


If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are in the right place - we can help.


Drummoyne Psychology offer a number of evidence-based treatments. Our therapists are skilled at identifying which treatment approach is most appropriate for the presenting issues. Some of the main treatment approaches we offer include:
Schema Therapy
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy
Family Systems Therapy


3 million people in Australia are living with anxiety or depression. Both are debilitating, affecting a person's wellbeing, relationships, work and productivity. There are many causes of anxiety and depression and there are many appropraches to address both.



Guiding You On a Path of Self-Discovery, Healing and Growth


Drummoyne Psychology is a warm and welcoming Clinical Psychology practice. Our boutique premises offer you an inviting and relaxed environment. Upon arrival help yourself to refreshments and await your friendly Drummoyne Psychologist amongst comfortable furnishings and ambient music.


Teenagers in Australia are at risk of psychological distress and mental health issues, with one in four young people living with a mental health disorder. If you are concerned about yourself or your adolescent, please get in contact to see how we can help.