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Sex is one of those things we often spend alot of time thinking about but little time talking about even with our partners and those who we hold most intimate.

Sex can be fun, exciting, euphoric, full of deep connection and sometimes just average. However, for some, sex can be associated with stress, frustration, performance issues, anticipatory anxiety and avoidance. Sometimes when there is a miss matched libido or a general decline in sex, some partners can be left feeling undesired and inadequate. It is not uncommon for people to go their whole lives without addressing issues around sex.
Sexual issues may be caused by a general medical condition and we encourage patients to see their GP and investigate possible medical causes first. However, in the majority of cases the issues are psychological in nature. Here at Drummoyne Psychology we take a warm, open and practical approach to get individuals and couples talking more freely about their experiences around sex and then use evidence-based education and interventions to treat sexual dysfunction and assist in making sex a positive and connecting experience.

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